Email Marketing Services for small businesses

by EmailMarketingTrick Posted on 26/07/2020

Email marketing is not for only huge giants but the small scale businesses can also take benefits of email marketing if done in right manner.

Start building email list

To make an organized email list, one has to create a signup form and place it on the company’s website, social media. Email subscription form should be made which is free from common mistakes with the goal of reaching largest number of subscribers. This is how huge segment of audience can be reached.

Send time optimization

This is entirely dependent on the type of business we are in. It is always safe to begin with a monthly, fortnightly or quarterly newsletter for instance promotional email, seasonal messages for special events, loyalty programs for prime or dedicated customers. There are algorithms in place to figure out best time of sending email campaigns. This is extremely important to increase email open rate.

Create your email design and content

Email designing has to be done with the goal of email campaign in mind. The content has to be clear along with the action we want the subscriber to take. The email content has to be value added. Nobody likes flood of promotional emails in their email boxes instead one email with quality content is always given attention .Firstly, segmentation of email contacts has to be done.  
Below are the factors on the basis of which audience segmentation is done.

  • Demographics: This is based on various demographics for instance gender preferences, age groups and geography.
  • Past purchase history/behavior: Purchase history also matters a lot. Preferable products by the prospects, number of purchases he or she made in recent past, whether the purchases were during sales or promotions period. These minor details help to assess the lead’s interests in a better way.
  • Email engagement: People who opened the email vs. who never opened the email. On the basis of this sort of analysis one gets to understand the reasons of customer’s disinterest which helps to recognize improvements required.
  • Brand loyalty: Here the customers can be categorized as new leads, regular customers which are loyal towards our brand and VIPs.

So this way, the contacts can be divided into small groups and the process of crafting a message becomes much easier.

Designing of the email

The design has to be sophisticated and should not look over the top. Apart from this, there has to be a call-to-action button that specifies readers what we want them to do. Generally, CTA (call-to-action) buttons bring the leads to the company’s website. There should be only one CTA to prevent confusion for the reader. For sure, doing this will heighten the click rate and conversion rate.

Analyze the performance

Email marketing provides an awesome opportunity to learn about customers. So if we do not see any effect of emails on them then we should look for new ways to improve on the next campaign. For that, the feedback forms filled by the customers or potential customers can be analyzed.

Email marketing Campaigns for Small Businesses


The welcome email series

It is a polite introduction of the brand to the new subscriber. This is how some familiarity can be built with the subscriber. They can be invited to social media also to build the networking. 

Build Credibility

Business is a long term process and it involves plenty of factors to get highest success rate. Generally, business is done with trustworthy people so email gives the ability to build credibility with the audience we already know and like. Here, local network can be seen as potential clients. Moreover, this is the best way of connecting with group of communities and building networks which certainly helps in future to generate sales.

Build your brand

Needless to say, it takes time for small companies to get recognition in such a competitive market but this can be done with the help of email marketing by sending right emails at right time with right content to the potential clients.  Brands are able to make mark when people forward and share the emails with their friends. Word-of-mouth marketing does wonders when quality service is delivered. 

The flash sale

This is far most known and over used email marketing campaign so far. Here by simply typing up the terms of sale, segmenting the contact list, sales on demand can be generated with one click. Before indulging into flash sale the trust and relationship should be built with the buyers. 

The referral

The small company may not provide every product or service that the people in its contact list want, so it is a great idea to form a partnership with local businesses. This should be a win-win situation because we are helping our contacts get what they need, our partner gets a new marketing channel and we could earn some commissions.

The Launch

Here, it is important to build excitement and anticipation before the launch of product or service. So, the Information should be sent via emails that also before the launch day to make the prospects aware about the know-how of the product or service beforehand. The product or service should be described in detail with its benefits of when and how to buy. The small businesses can study the launch events of big corporate to deliver the best with limited resources and budget.

Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is the fastest and quickest channel which has evolved over time. In fact, it remains to be the top channel for content marketing with both B2B and B2C marketers. There are plenty of email marketing tools available in the market which not only fit into the budget of small firms but also provide top class services with regard to email designing, contact organizing, customer relationship management with smooth layouts. Below are some of the well known email marketing tools.


  1. Hubspot: Hubspot is known for its marketing automation platform but recently it has launched a free email marketing tool that can assist a lot of small business’ transactional email needs. Be it thank you emails , promotional emails hobspot’s free version does it all with so much of ease .It has got a handy drag and drop visual editor which makes the whole process much easier. Apart from this, hubspot is equipped with ready-made templates for the faster service. Besides this, the contact list can be centralized, organized lists can be made to manage and track the email performance
  2. Sendinblue: Sendinblue has got more than 70 design templates which help to get stunning looking email. All the templates can be previewed beforehand to make sure the email looks the way we want. To add to it, it also provides other functions such as CRM and landing page creation.
  3. Mailchimp: Mailchimp is leading amongst all the email marketing tools available in the market. Its free plan provides basic email marketing features for instance email creation and scheduling. What makes this tool stand out is its smart recommendations feature which provides worthy audience insights to optimize the marketing efforts. The content manager assists in desiging the emails where images and files can be stored. Mailchimp equipped with its smart features, lets us to automate emails at important steps of buyer’s journey so the welcome emails, thank you emails and emails like order confirmations, abandoned cart remainders can be sent on time.

Bottom Line

Undeniably, email marketing is cost effective, easily executed and gives an extremely good impact on marketing campaigns for small businesses also if done in sensible and cautious way.