The Minimalist Guide to Email Marketing

by EmailMarketingTrick Posted on 21/03/2020

You might have done a google search on Email marketing and found thousands of results on the same topic. But if you are a beginner and want to know what Email Marketing is all about in a nutshell, then you are the right place.
Let me brief you about What E-mail Marketing is all about.

What is Email Marketing

In simple terms, Email Marketing is a standard marketing strategy followed by many businesses to send commercial emails to their subscribers, leads, customers, potential clients to engage them and retain them and converting them to make more sales.
Email marketing is not a new Promotion tool in the market. It has been around for years. They used to call it Newsletter subscriptions. Now it has evolved as an essential part of any marketing campaign. Email marketing brings more 

  • Traffic to the website
  • Builds authenticity with the potential client
  • Regains your true customer
  • Make more sales and conversions
  • Audiences receive updates as soon as you have something to share

Which type of Email Marketing campaigns can you offer is one thing to look after before starting.

Once you know who your target audience is, it's time to get them to your email list by offering various email marketing services. First, you need to think of a good reason why your customers need to signup for your email list. It clarifies all your doubts and helps in coming up with different email marketing services.

Free Incentives

An incentive could be anything that makes your customer signup to grab what you have provided in exchange with their email ID. You can Provide 

email marketing

  • Free E-books
  • Pdf's
  • Podcast download
  • Templates
  • Checklist
  • Ultimate Guide  
  • BluePrint
  • Roadmaps
  • Webinars
  • Educational videos
  • Content downloads.

Any of the above can be given for free, which must provide immense value to the customer. It is an excellent way of gathering more subscribers to your email list. You can also provide How-to-do content or tutorial type of educational content in a pdf format to download.

Best email marketing services for small business owners to automate the Marketing campaign

There are different types of email marketing tools or email marketing service providers in the market that makes marketing campaigns easier. They provide a great way to automate your whole Email marketing. It's imperative to understand that every email marketing campaign success depends on choosing the right email marketing software. 

An excellent email marketing service should enable you to create highly engaging email newsletters with an easy user interface (ideally drag & drop). You should be able to easily send bulk emails that are personalized and targeted without a lot of work, which is also known as marketing automation. One of the essential features of best email marketing software is that you can segment your audience based on the campaign your running. Most importantly, good email marketing software ensures that your email does not end up going to spam. 

Let's see some of the email marketing service providers in the market.

  • Aweber
  • Constant contact
  • Mailchimp
  • Convertkit
  • Drip
  • Getresponse

 For small businesses, Constant Contact and Mailchimp are the best options. Mailchimp provides free subscribers up to 2000 contacts.

Some of the email marketing strategies you can use to boost your open rate.

  1. While sending an email, use Personalized NAME. Instead of saying Dear, mention the recipient's name to build that connection with the customer.
  2. Crafting a Headline is also very crucial when it comes to clickthrough’s and open rates. Marketers refer 60-70 characters subject line as DEAD ZONE. But studies say that a subject line with over 70 characters increased clickthrough rates, and a subject line below 70 characters shows success in a large number of open rates. So, play around with the subject lines and see which works best for clickthrough’s and open rates.
  3. Send emails on the weekends; studies show that emails sent on weekends have a much more open rate when compared to emails sent on weekdays. But still, the quality of the clickthrough’s and open rates might not be high compared to weekdays.
  4. The top email strategy is to send emails at night. Though you create during business hours, the open rate of the emails is very high at night. So, consider sending your emails between 8 p.m. to Midnight. 
  5. Giving away something for free has very high clickthrough rates and open rates. When you give something valuable for free, there are many chances of open rates.
  6. Do not forget your inactive email subscribers. They are your assets too. Make sure to bridge the connection gap between your inactive subscribers and you. Research what they are expecting from you and try building that authenticity again for more conversions.
  7. Make sure your email is mobile optimized. Mobile open have accounted for more than 47 percent of all email opens. Responsively design your email no matter where it's read.

A good email list is one of the top resources to have in your business or marketing. It might be difficult to regain and maintain that consistency with the customers through emails, but it still worth it.

Do you use any other email marketing services or email marketing campaigns to grow your email list? Then do share with us below.