What is email marketing and how many types of Email Marketing ?

by EmailMarketingTrick Posted on 29/06/2020

Digitalization has taken over the outdated methods of working. It has made a huge impact on marketing styles as well and email marketing is the right instance for it. One has to upgrade himself with technological revolution to remain in the competition otherwise he will be lagged behind. Basically, it is a marketing strategy used by businesses to seek the attention of its current and potential customers, clients and leads.

Email marketing is widely used all over the world nowadays due to the ease at which it operates. Audience engagement is a necessity when it comes to marketing which can be done through email marketing. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best ways to build relationship with existing consumers and grabbing the attention of prospects. The advertisements that we see on our email boxes every now and then are the outcomes of email marketing. Be it huge businesses or small ones, they send commercial emails in bulk to the target audiences for which segmentation is done beforehand.

Plenty of things need to be taken care of while using this superfast strategy of marketing.

Firstly, understanding the target audience is the prime concern to get the best conversion rate as email marketing aims to get maximum customers from the prospects. To add to it, buying and selling takes place when both the ends get benefitted from the deal. So a thorough research needs to be done on customer buying habits and online activities to understand the need better.
Secondly, the subject line should be kept non-deceptive at the same time tempting to get prompt attention of the email receiver. This will aid to heighten the open rate as well. Apart from this, lengthy subject makes the reader lazy to read so it should be short and meaningful.
To add to it, the sender has to stick to the schedule when it comes to email sending time because every time the receiver starts off expecting something exclusive and the seller never leave any stone unturned to meet his expectations.
Apart from this, pushing yourself towards the client is not the right way. One has to keep track on the emails reaching to the client’s inbox. For instance, making sure , not to send registration emails again and again when the client has already registered is a wise idea. Instead a separate list should be made for registered attendees. Systematic management of emails sent is the key point here. 
Apart from this, emails have to be designed as per the brand guidelines to bring in brand uniformity. After all, email marketing is all about branding brand elements.

Types of Email Marketing


  1. The welcome email series: Email marketing begins with a brief introduction of the brand. This is like providing know-how of the brand in sophisticated manner. By doing which prospect will get some idea what the brand is all about. This needs to be done with a pinch of emotional connection like asking them their birth days or anniversary date so that the sender gets an opportunity to showcase its brand.
  2. The standard promotional campaign: Undoubtedly, this is the most common sort of emails which land up in spam. So, engagement with the brand is backbone to get best out of the email marketing campaign. Needles to say, this one is the most commonly used ad campaign which has to be fascinating by adding some sensible humor and setting up emotional relation. Leaving the customer with some curiosity works like a wonder which provokes them to get complete idea of product or service which is being served on their platter. Moreover, usage of multimedia works as eye candy and assists to increase open rate.
  3. The seasonal campaign: As name suggests, this kind of email marketing campaigns are specifically for some time spans for instance mother’s day, diwali(Indian festival), Christmas. The sender should make a research on the country to get thorough idea of festivals celebrated in specific nation or states. To add to it, here the emails must be sent before the event actually takes place so that the customer can get enough time to make purchases beforehand.
  4. Newsletter: Here the content has to be worth sharing. Newsletter helps to spread brand awareness and assists to make the prospects understand the company and its products and services.
  5. The abandoned cart series: Usually, consumer takes time to make up his/her mind when it comes to buying. This is how wish list comes into the picture. Various discount coupons can be offered to close the deal. In addition to this, limited number of reminders with decent time spans can also be sent so that customer can give second thought to it to reach to the final conclusion.
  6. Post purchase dip: Email marketing is a long process which goes on even after transaction take place. As per my personal perception, this is the most robust method of retaining and attracting more clients. Sales after service is savvy a marketing technique which brings in brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Marketing should not be stopped even after the sales take place. This could be done via automated email marketing like asking for feedback and fixing the issues they may face while operating the product and all.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Henceforth, this is the quickest way of spreading brand awareness which hardly takes seconds to reach the targeted customer. Moreover, Technology has played the most important role when it comes to cost cutting which goes here as well. This is the cheapest way of advertisement because it is done electronically.
Although, in the age of social media, there the ad might not reach to the target customer which happens here in email marketing where the email sits in the mail box of the recipient until he or she deletes it.